Nodemcu (ESP8266) starting high

when I power up my nodemcu, pins are starting high.
used pin: D1, D2, D3, D4, D7, D8


It’s due to esp8266 technology

Have you tried pulling them LOW with a pinMode and DigitalWrite for each pin?

Using virtual pins in your app may help, as may using the


He said, “at power up” so BLYNK_NO_BUILTIN will have no effect :thinking:


I have a query regarding those pins which boot up in HIGH mode…I am using LDD led drivers to light my leds. They have an pwm input for the dimming. When I was using an arduino it was common practice to attach a 10k resistor from the pwm pin to ground essentially pulling the pin LOW. Would this set up affect the boot up on an esp?

On GPIO 0 and 15 then yes, it will prevent the NodeMCU from booting.
Anyway, the role of the 10k resistor isn’t to pull a HIGH pin to a LOW state (and it won’t do that), the role is to pull a pin that is in a floating state to either LOW (in your example) or HIGH.

The internal pullup resistors within the NodeMCU can be used instead of external pullups if the pin is to be used as an input, and are initialised by using a `pinMode) command with the optional INPUT_PULLUP parameter.


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Ok thanks for that.

Better use ESP32 for your project :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

okk, finally solved. i tried all of your suggestions, and thanks to every one… but…
problem was on the board manager version. install any previous version of esp8266( <2.4) the problem will solve… sorry can’t help you in deep, coz i’m not a programmer or expert.