NodeMCU esp8266 login timeout

Hi, I’ve been trying to connect my NodeMCU with esp8266 but it doesn’t seem to work properly even though i used the example code without changing anything.

the serial monitor says:

[2617] Connecting to
[4687] Login timeout
[7687] Connecting to
[12691] Connecting to
[17696] Connecting to
[19701] Login timeout

Considering i’m still new with the NodeMCU and this is my first time using the esp8266 as well, what should i do to fix this problem?


Anything? Did you also change the Wifi access data? Are you sure that the ESP has internet connection?

wifi access data like SSID and password? yea i did fill them out with mine and the ESP did connect to my network

Do you mean a NodeMCU which has an on board chip that says ESP8266 on it, or are trying to use an ESP8266 connected to your NodeMCU board to give Wi-Fi connectivity?


a NodeMCU which has an onboard ESP8266