NodeMCU ESP8266 local connection

Hello, i’ve been searching but i couldn’t find an example where blynk connects directly with the NodeMCU ESP8266. I wan’t to read a sensor with the mcu and see the values in my app in blynk. The problem is that where i have the sensor, there is not connection to internet or other wifi so i wan’t to use the esp like an acces point. Is it possible with blynk? or I definitely need internet to make it work?

I’m using the example of DHT11

Blynk uses a server, so if no access to Blynk’s Cloud Server, then you need to use something like an RPi and create your own Local Server with AP for the ESP8266 and App to connect to.

And search this forum and Google for others who have also setup the AP side of an RPi (that part is not Blynk specific)