Nodemcu esp8266 + arduino serial comunication (Rx, Tx)

What i need to do this?
Can i send values of virtual pin to my arduino uno?

Yes you can, but I would refrain from using Tx/Rx and use I2C instead. It’s also two wires and it won’t interfere with serial output, should you need it.

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Depends on your application… if you want to make your Arduino UNO “wireless” by using the ESP as a WiFi adapter and run Blynk directly on the UNO, then try this

If however you want the Arduino to just be an extension of the ESP (running Blynk) and the serially connected UNO running “normal” arduino code, then you will not be using virtual pins to transfer the data (as that would require BOTH devices to have independent links to the Blynk Server). i2C is one way of sharing info, but you also could try something like this… just don’t expect much technical support here as it is not Blynk related :wink:

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ohh okay probably i will use the first option, thanks a lot!

hi sorry but this message appears in the serial “[1614] Failed to disable Echo”
what happend? :disappointed:

Unfortunately that seems to be a generic msg that basically means “something ain’t right:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Search this forum for that error and start going through all the different solutions… could be:

Poor connection between devices.
Unbalanced voltage differences in the pins between 3.3v and 5v devices.
Baud rate issues.
Improper versions of firmware used on the ESP.
Incorrect AT command setup.
Insufficient power for the ESP (don’t share power from the Arduino).
Or you just looked at it the wrong way and it is sulking, etc :wink: