NodeMcu-Controlling my AC fan speed

I am currently using a local Blynk server with nodemcu and i am able to control a led’s (connected to D6) brightness using a slider on the blynk app. Now I want to control my home appliances using the same. I have done a similar project using Arduino Uno and 5v relay module.
Also I want to control the speed of my room’s AC fan which is working on 220V Ac. I know i cant directly do that with a relay module and something called TRIAC is used.
Help will be much aprreciated.

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Check this one:

You will find the thing called Triac there… :wink:

@Chirag1712 the way we do it is “reverse engineer” the AC unit and send the required signal for every permutation via an infrared transmitter connected to our ESP’s. AC in this context was air con, not alternating current. So ignore this suggestion.

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Does this mean:

  1. A fan that runs on alternating current?
  2. The fan of your air conditioner?
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  1. A Ceiling Fan that runs on alternating current

I didnt get this.
Does this mean we switch off the circuit for some time every cycle?

Sorry I cant create any new replies. There exists a certain limit of replies which a new user can make. I didnt know that.

Oh! I got scared somehow reading that initial post though.:sweat_smile:
I have read many links on triacs (finding it hard to understand, I understood the working of it as in that it switches off the circuit for a while at the start if every cycle as shown also in the code of @psoro ) and some links which use transformers to amplify the digitalPin signal to control the AC appliance (heating problem in transformer).

Thanks I will read it! :slight_smile:

My initial post was when I thought you were referring to the fan speed in you air con (AC) unit. You have a much easier job with controlling a “simple” alternating current (AC) fan :slight_smile:

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Which is the easiest way to control fan speed?
In India we use old fashion regulator to control fan speed.

@saurabh47 no idea, we just hack the appliance, as in air con unit, to work with our ESP’s :slight_smile:

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hi do you god any clue how to do it I am also searching for the same help will be appreciated

Guys, be careful with that! The only safe method of controlling the motor speed of some appliance is the one @Costas had pointed. Every other method requires knowledge: What kind of motor is this, and accordingly to this choose the right speed control circuitry, OR abandon idea, as not every AC motor can have speed controlled (for example simple single phase inductive motors). So it is not that easy as with DC motors.

Very correct @marvin7

@Santosh_Babu Not to mention a 6 month old topic that is completely non-Blynk related.

Sorry guys but I think this one needs to be closed now before everyone electrocutes themselves :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: