NodeMCU + Blynk + IFTTT

I am running a DHT11 sensor on NodeMCU connected to Blynk. I attempted to report the sensor data (temperature only) after a request from Google Assistant through IFTTT. I found this doc. I tried to replace “blynk-clound” with the corresponding IP address. Nothing worked and I can’t get Google Assistant to report the temperature.
From my understanding, IFTTT can only execute commands by changing the state of the pin.

Is there a way to achieve this goal?

Thank you!

Теж пробував керувати реле на esp8266 через IFTTT- не працює. Хоча рядок вставлений в браузер - працює.

I also tried to control the relay on esp8266 via IFTTT-not working. Although the string is inserted in the browser - it works.

It seems to be the US$ 1 million question. I only have success on making Google Home control a relay. It seems that it is not possible to retrieve an analog value using Google Home!