NodeMCU battery voltage status

@jamin and @elanozturk as you have flashed your ESP’s with an Arduino sketch you no longer have any AT firmware on the ESP.

Uww didn’t know that,thank you! :grin:

I kinda though this but the firmware topic comes up a lot with my vcc reading issue.

@Jamin AT firmware only comes into play when you are using the ESP as a shield for an Arduino not when ESP is working in standalone mode.

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Wifi is power hungry, I have found that with an ESP, NodeMCU and a 2000mAh battery I only get a few hours runtime. Using deep sleep to wake up, take samples, publish to MQTT every 5 minutes, I can run for 7-10 days on one cell.

I am working on solar charging using this charge controller:

Make a thread about your project as Im just setting up my own solar projects and would like to follow.

Hi Elan

How would I go about adding this code to my servo code, I keep getting errors,I’ve used the sample servo sketch on Blynk website and use the app but I want to integrate a battery gauge on the app to view the battery voltage of my esp8266 nodemcu board