Node red with blynk

After I have sent data to node-red, I want to send each parameter of the data(is: temperature, humidity) separately to each pin number through Blynk write node, How to do that?.

Where is your data coming from, and what format is it in?


Thank you for your support.
Data coming from Sigfox using HTTP in node
Format: uint16_t numbers.

You need to be more specific about it’s format if you want assistance.


I have linked sigfox to nod-red using HTTP IN node.
the data is temperature and humidity.
I need help to post data to Blynk write pin node.

How do you expect anyone to tell you how to parse the data that comes from Sigfox into separate temperature and humidity variables if you don’t share the format of the data that comes out of your Sigfox node?


Thank you for your support.
I don’t understand "format of the data "!

That’s this:

Which shows that it’s a JSON string with object names of sht31_T and sht31_H and the values are multiplied by 100

You can split and divide the values by100 by adding a Function node with 2 outputs, and with this code:

var Temperature = {payload: (msg.payload.sht31_T/100)};  
var Humidity = {payload: (msg.payload.sht31_H/100)}; 
return [Temperature, Humidity]



Thank you very much.
It works now, although I have a fixed number that I think it represents the delay between uplinks.