Node red blynk websockets connection to blynk cloud

good morning
I did a blynk application on my android mobile which works perfectly with my hardware based on a nodemcu ESP8266 ; I can read the voltage , current , temperature of my house and controlling my heater and burner .
Recently i wanted to make a connection with node red and i downloaded node-red-contrib-blynk-ws , followed the instructions , and dragged the “read event” node and filled it exactly with the url ws:// and my secret Auth Token.
The problem is that the connection failed and node red rolled continuously the messages :
[blynk-ws-client:75d1454a.53689c]start connection:ws://
[blynk-ws-client:75d1454a.53689c]Websocket Error :read ECONNRESET
[blynk-ws-client:75d1454a.53689c]Client Error
[blynk-ws-client:75d1454a.53689c]Reconnect in 5 seconds…
[blynk-ws-client:75d1454a.53689c]Websocket closed:ws://
[blynk-ws-client:75d1454a.53689c]Reconnect in 5 seconds…
[blynk-ws-client:75d1454a.53689c]start connection:ws://
[blynk-ws-client:75d1454a.53689c]Websocket Error:Unexpected serverresponse:101

messages are displayed without stopping ; i tried to close the connection and i failed.
How can i solve this problem in order to make the connection in success and secondly to
be able to read form the virtual pins ?
thank you in advance
Fady Jaatour

First of all, I’d have expected you to use a Write Event rather than a Read Event.

I assume that you’ve copied and pasted your Auth code and ensured that you haven’t missed any characters or added any addition spaces/characters at the beginning and end?

It might be worth you including information about the hardware and OS that you’re running your Node-Red server on, and what versions of Node-Red, the Blynk ws contrib, NPM and NodeJS you are running.

Forum member @gab.lau is the author of the Blynk ws contrib, so he might step-in with some advice or additional questions.

I notice from the admin screens that you’re from the Lebanon (something that Gabriele can’t see with his login permissions). I’ve seen some post from other forum members from that region who have had issues with their ISP blocking certain ports. I wonder if that could possible be an issue?


Hi Fadyjaa,
this websocket error:

It makes me think of a security problem, try to switch to a secure SSL connection with the blynk server
in the configuration node field “url” enter wss://
more simply add an “s” to the one you already have :wink:

Let us know if it works