No possible to download the exported files

Dear friends,
I have one question, regarding the local legacy blynk server:
I am running blynk local server and everything are great. Today I tried to export (from blynk legacy Android app) my super chart values. I selected Export to CSV and little time later I got an email from my local blynk server with subject: “History graph data for project PZEM-004 esp8266”, that’s my project, with the links to download the (4) the corresponding XXX.csv.gz files. The problem come up here, when I click to any of these four links I get to my browser:
This site can’t be reached unexpectedly closed the connection

Obviously I have something wrong in my configuration, I running Ubuntu 22.04 server with nginx web server. Do you have any idea what to check or what to adjust for proper working of the links?
In addition, When I ssh my server, I found the 4 exported files at /tmp/blynk (I don’t know why they exported there though) …

Thanks and Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis

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It’s defined in…

#by default System.getProperty("")/blynk used

That’s obviously a browser message. What do you see when you look at the urls in your email? Do they make any sense, and look like they should be resolvable?


Dear friend,
I have data.folder already set it to: data.folder=/home/mikek/BLYNK_SERVER_DATA/

The links (url’s) that included in the relevant email has the form (I changed only some sensitive information)

Where the exported files found in the /tmp/blynk are indeed :

I can’t understand what else I need…

Well, the links don’t look to me like they’re going to give a resolvable path to the files.


I can see two possible problems:

  1. the files are generated outside the data.folder (for some reason)
  2. the links doesn’t look correct to me too…

The problem is how to fix it !


Dear Sir, is it possible to help me in this issue?
I know that you have abandoned the local server but if you want to help me I will appreciate it much

Thanks and Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis