No ping while opening serial port of arduino connecting to esp 8266 module

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In all seriousness I can’t think of an easy hack for the ESP01. It needs caps and resistors and regulator.

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If you have any access to old electronics, and a soldering iron… as well as Google… then you could start salvaging parts… you might find a 3.3v regulator and a few capacitors.

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@dilkhush does the Arduino have a decent power supply?

You CAN power the ESP01 from the Uno but it can be very unreliable.

Sir I have tried to connect this esp 01 to wifi and out of approximately 30-40 time only one time when there is ping and app get connected and I get control on led on arduino by blynk app .And after that when I removed arduino from socket and again connect it to laptop no ping option and till now only praying god to see ping option in serial monitor🙏

1 in 40 attempts is probably a poor set up by you but it could just be that the nasty ESP01 is taking too much power from the Arduino. Or specifically not getting enough power from the Arduino.

Do you have a USB2TTL adaptor because if you don’t I don’t think you can use Serial Monitor with ESP as a shield?

On the Arduino, the 3.3V regulated output is able to supply 150 mA max.

So you really do not have many choices but to wait until you get proper parts, or start scavenging.

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Sir I programmed At command in esp 01 by arduino(uploading blank sketch and then connecting reset pin to ground and it works) all the time in serial monitor wifi get connected but no ping .
I use esp 01 with arduino so I can access my serial monitor .So I do not have USBTTL

I use that trick as well for both ESP-01 and my Nextion screen… works very well, just have to remember to connect RX-RX and TX-TX for that part as the Arduino just becomes an extension

I suppose a couple of 1.5v batteries in series might work?? If the batteries are full, then you should get just over 3v and that might be OK for a short while. You may need to use C or D cells or possibly a few AAs in combined parallel/series… as again, you need enough current as well as the voltage.

Remember to share the Battery GND with the Arduino GND

Will this work

NOPE… as it will put out 4.2v at full charge… and WILL kill your ESP.

Same thing as with the USB port… you would need a regulator.

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Do you have a multimeter to check voltage on the 18650?

If it’s below 4V i.e. not fully charged your ESP will probably handle it.

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