No "forgot password" email

I have been using blynk for a while and recently accidently logged out of the app and can’t remember my password now. Unfortunately, when i click “forgot password”, i don’t receive the email with the password reset instructions. Is there any workaround for this?

Thanks a lot,

Have you checked your junk mail folder?


Sure, I have. Nothing in there…

Try creating a new device and emailing the auth code. Maybe that will clarify if it is the right email.

The Problem is i can’t log in, so i also can’t create a new device…

Update: I have created a new account with a different provider and receive all mails flawlessly. I also created another account with my usual provider and don’t receive any emails.
It appears for some reason blynk is blacklisted by my provider or it just doesn’t like to receive QR codes, even though the spam settings are set to let everythin in.

Do you have any ideas to solve this?