No Eventor widget in my (IOS) app

I saw that we could create some events with the widget “Eventor”, but I don’t find it in the application for iPhone. In the app, in “Widget Box”, in “other”, I only have the “Bridge”, “BLE” and the “Real-time clock” widgets.

Do you know if it’s normal? or if I could do something to use this Eventor widget?

According to me enventor is not released for ios.
It is only for Android.

@aude1248 Eventor for iOS will be released very soon. Stay tuned!


ok, thanks for your response

hi @Dmitriy, any updates on when the iOS Eventor functionality will be available?

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Eventor is great widged! When we can have it on iOS?

He told me few days ago that should be ready in 1 or 2 weeks. We will see!

Ok, good news :slight_smile:

I mean next big iOS update with multi devices, not eventor. However eventor will appear soon I believe.

Hi, Dmitry. I love Blynk and am learning a lot quickly. It really accelerates my development.

Do you have a status update for releasing eventor on iOS?



Sorry guys, Eventor on iOS was postponed for more important changes. So, the current estimation for Eventor stays about 1 - 2 months.

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Ok, Ill ask. What the hell is going on with iOS? Why does it lag so far behind Android in development? In this thread alone the Eventor widget is talked about being released in Oct 16 all the way to yesterdays post by @Eugene which now states 1-2 months.

It is very hard when you are developing ideas and the two platforms do not share the same compatibility. I know things change but how about a little information in the form of a timeline instead of snippets of information scattered around the forum?

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The technical debt we have to pay. Our iOS devs did mistakes at early stages and now we have to pay for that. So at the moment we do code cleanup and refactorings in order to make future development easier and faster. Next iOS update will contain vertical scrolling, devices status, widget resizing.


@Dmitriy Thanks for your reply. You have mentioned this before in other posts. My point is that there is very little if any communication about what is going on with iOS. A simple timeline outlined in the announcement section would help eliminate the frustration of waiting. If things change, so be it. Respectfully, I think communicating the progress would be helpful.


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It is extremely frustrating.

Had I known from the start how far behind IOS was lagging, I wouldn’t have invested so much time and money into my projects. Nowhere at all is it mentioned that the IOS version is substantially inferior to the Android version.

Had I known, I would have taken a different route. However, I am now too far into it so am dependant on updates which are very few and far between and when they do arrive, don’t really seem to add much.

Please just be honest with us about what is happening with IOS going forward.

I was hoping to eventually use a paid version to distribute with a product I’m hoping to start manufacturing next year. Unfortunately, this now doesn’t seem possible.

That is a great shame as I love the idea of your product and the Android work you have done is fantastic. I am a business man myself so I fully understand that if more people use Android, that would get more focus if resources are limited. But just be honest about the limitations on IOS.

What limitations do you mean?

Frustrations aside, In what way are you so limited?.. You do know that you can purchase these comparatively low cost devices running Android, and all of your work will still be available to continue to develop until Blynk resolves any relatively minor differences that they themselves were unlikely expecting and thus not readily able to predict and blurt out publicly in the way you want… but as a businessman yourself, I am sure you already understand all that.

You know what, forget it.

I’m fed up with all the snarky comments you get for just trying to get some actual information.

I wish you luck in all your future endeavours.

You weren’t asking for information… you were needlessly interjecting your frustration into someone else’s post. You had already created your own topic, for same issue, and had already pointed out your frustration there, as well as received information in both topics.

And I was fully serious in the use of Android to facilitate whatever expensive and urgent project you are working on… for the most part, Blynk works just as well on either IOS and Android and will only get better on both over time.

I am assuming you are referring to Blynk and it’s Developers, but thank you anyhow!

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