No data in report for a datastream


I would like to log string data and download it in a report with a timestamp

I have a datastream of type string with “raw data” and “show in reports” enabled.
I have a label attached to that datastream in the web dashboard and can see data comming in.

When I run the report of a device that uses that template I get the notice:
Cant generate report
There is no data to export

Any idea what I could be doing wrong?


PS If I select " include eventsdata" I do get two files, the events data is filled but the data file is empty.

Hi. Can you tell please when the data was generated and which time range you choose in report settings? Maybe you can provide screen. Thank you.

I have been testing today.


I tried both 24 hours as last week as time range

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Strings are not supported for the reports. You need to use enumeration instead.

ah, clear, thx

is there any action for this problem ? I have same problem. I tried to save label value with string and enum but i could not. how can i save the string data and digital pin value. dijital pin and string datastreams seem “is raw false” and i can not activate raw file to save. Can anyone help me? i have no time it is my school project.