No Auth Token email when using the new Blynk App

Hello Blynk community,

I’m using the new App on iOS. I’ve created a couple templates but I have not received emails with an Auth Token. I also can’t find anywhere in the App where that token is listed. I’m generally pretty tech savvy, but also am very new to Blynk. Am I missing something here?

The auth token is visible in the web dashboard, under Device > Device Info.

However, I’m fairly sure you should be creating your templates in the web dashboard first.


Hi @PeteKnight, thank you for your guidance. That definitely worked.

I’d been stuck in a chicken-and-the-egg type of scenario. I’d been trying to use the iOS App to “Add new device” rather than the web dashboard’s “New device” workflow. The iOS App’s “Add new device” workflow tries to search for devices that are on the local network. Without the Auth Token, I wasn’t able to load the appropriate firmware onto my IoT device, so there were no devices to be found on the local network.

The web dashboard however had a simple “New device” workflow that didn’t involve any search/connection to the device. It let me name a device and access the Auth Token that I will now include in the device’s firmware.

I hope this helps other people who are getting up to speed with the new Blynk 2.0 service.


You don’t need Auth Token in case you want to use Dynamic Provisioning -

Old way (now called static provision - is not really necessary, as Dynamic Provisioning is much simpler and better in case your hardware supports it.

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Thanks @Dmitriy. For context, I’m using an Arduino Uno w/ Ethernet shield, so I’m sticking with the static provisioning for the time being.

I see. At the Blynk start, Arduino boards were very popular. But right now, ESP boards are much more widely used and so we changed the default flow from static token to dynamic provisioning.

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u r my savior, thanks in advance

En el Dashboard no me sale un enlace para crear “Nuevo dispositivo”