Nice to have - SuperChart and Device Tiles Changes

So after a couple of months of coding, soldering, tinkering, planning, designing and printing…its finally time for me to put some cherries on top of my project. For this it would be great for the Blynk team to consider the following:

Would be nice to be able to show more graphs. currently its limited to 4 and well…I want more :smiley: (I need 7, but wouldn’t mind even more than that).
I noticed that you can already show/hide y-axis per graph so it up to the user how cluttery (s)he wants it.

Device Tiles
You recently removed the ‘sort’ bar due to some bugs, personally I wouldn’t mind if you keep it gone as its ugly and something you will probably only use once (assuming the tile order sticks). What would be much nice is to have a press/touch and hold function to move the tiles around. Basically two ways I can think of:

  1. hold for ~500ms and be able to move that tile to another spot. On release everything turns back to normal OR
  2. hold for ~1s and similar to phone apps: you enter ‘move around mode’ (tiles wiggle or change color e.g. shaded) where you can move around the tiles. Somewhere on screen you would then also need a ‘cancel’ button to stop this mode.

No 2. would be my favourite as its more intuitive and people are familiar with this operation.

EDIT: as Eugene pointed out, both methods will conflict with level and buttons, so alternative method: use triple bar icon in the ‘choose devices’ list. (see post below for more info).

All in all: awesome app, great community, really responsive dev team: keep up the great work!


Note that “Tap and hold” on tile is already used to open its page (Button and Level type tiles)

ah didn’t know that, I only use the Default tiles. I can see that thats not gonna work then. hmm…one alternative I initially though of (but discarded it because the tap and hold one is much more intuitive) is another classic ‘arrange list by dragging on the triple bar icon’.

To elaborate:

  1. this would be during edit mode not play mode
  2. somewhere (perhaps in de ‘select devices’ tab?) there is the triple horizontal bar icon behind each device, which you can touch and drag to change the order of the devices.

Less ideal but also a commonly accepted method.

edit: come to think of it…this is also not ideal, I would very much prefer to be able to order ALL devices in one go, if you have multiple templates then you can only edit the order per template (as the ‘choose devices’ is per template).
So that would mean a separate interface (e.g. behind a menu item ‘Set Order’ where all the devices are listed INCLUDING empty tiles. In my particular case I have a 3x3 with 8 buttons, leaving one empty. This one is bottom-right, while I would prefer it bottom-middle (but I can imagine that others would prefer centre-centre, etc.) .

actually…in my particular case I might even go for 4x4 as I have 4 floors with 4 devices on one floor, making it more intuitive for the end user (my wife). but that would only work if i have full control over all tile positions.

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You can have multiple Supercharts.

and currently I do. Point is I would like to have one overview of all my thermostats in one graph, not two.
That and I have a graph currently with temp, humid, pressure, but would like to add target temp and heating on/off, so I can see over time how the thermostat / room combination responds to external factors over time. For that i need 5.

And as said, its the cherry on top, current graphs are are already excellent its just that 4 is a bit limited

Thats 3 more than its predecessor :stuck_out_tongue:

well If they keep up that trend then I’ll be very happy on the next improvement :grin:

Hello, any chance to have 5 datastreams on a superchart graph? Thanks in advance.

@Gunner , can you please commen… is it possible to expand to 5 datastreams per superchart?

Thanks in advance.

Gunner doesn’t frequent the forum much anymore - he last popped-by in October of last year. He doesn’t use Blynk IoT anyway.
Even if he did, the option to add more datastreams to the mobile app version of the Superchart widget would be a developer decision, not a moderator one.

Posting in a 6 year old topic that started life when Blynk Legacy was still alive probably isn’t the best way to request this feature enhancement.


Thanks Pete.

I thought the purpose of this category was to post ideas or App Features.

So, what is your suggestion? Where should I post or ask far adding one datastream to superchart to have a total of 5?


Yes, it is.
The issue is that this topic was about adding a feature to a system that has been decommissioned for over a year now.

I’d create a new topic under the “Ideas” category making a case for adding more datastreams to tye Android and iOS mobile app versions of the Superchart widget.
You’ve asked for one additional datastream - presumably because that’s what you currently require, but development isn’t normally done based on one person’s arbitrary need at any one point in time.

My argument would be for parity with the web dashboard Superchart widget, which has a much higher number of datastreams (I’ve tried with 12, and don’t seem to have reached the limit yet).


Will do so.
Have a nice day.
Thanks again.