Nginx Reverse Proxy with Blynk Server

Hi guys,

I set up my personal blynk server yesterday via docker. Since all of my web applications run behind a nginx reverse proxy I wanted to achieve the same with blynk. So far my efforts were unsuccessful. Anyone out there who can share a working nginx reverse proxy config?

Thanks in advance!


I tried same thing. Admin page works, but couldn’t connect from the app. But, if you check the log on nginx, you will notice that the app doesn’t use HTTP(S). It was some kind of binary protocol. I think that’s why nginx cannot route the data to blynk server.

Might can be achieved by using below socks5 module for nginx.

Will let you know, if I can resolve the issue.

Hope someone can support

I think you should start with:

That’s for sure. Maybe you can give us some more insight on this topic. Did you realize it already with Nginx?
Since you’re a Co-founder I could imagine you were already confronted with such a requirement.

I achieved the same and suffered with the same problems. +1

No, I didn’t set it up myself. But google helped me to find that link for you.

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Sorry to bump an old thread but I’m running into the same issue as the original poster. The admin page works but the app isn’t getting through. Looking at the logs, the app requests look different from the admin page requests. Anyone able to get nginx reverse proxy working with Blynk?