Nexus 7 Android Tablet No Camera for SparkFun QR Code

I have purchased two of the SparkFun Blynk boards. I am using one board already and plan on using the second this weekend. My problem is that when I use the Android app on my Nexus 7 tablet, I can’t scan the QR code. The app says “No Camera”.
I have a QR Code scan app on my tablet and it scans the QR Codes from SparkFun without a problem but I can’t scan them with the Blynk app. I have 30,000 free energy points that I can’t use.
How do I get the points if the app won’t scan the QR code?
I asked this question on the SparkFun boards and heard nothing.

Hello. Did you grant permissions for accessing camera?

The app has the permission of “take pictures and videos”. The extended information says it can take pictures and videos with the camera.
The tablet (not a phone) is running Android Version 5.1.1

The exact error is “No Camera were found”
With “OK” in bottom corner.

Ok. Please send me your login email to