Nexus 5 Battery Drain

Installed app on my Nexus 5 and immediately noticed a decline in my battery performance. Looked at the details and it was consuming 25% each day. Kept it for a week but unfortunately had to uninstall. Android 6.0.1 & latest version of app. Any suggestions?

Thanks for reporting. @BlynkAndroidDev please take a look. This is not the first report from Nexus 5 users


what if i’ll send you some build with logging all battery expensive operations, will you use it for some time and send me then a log, so i’ll have possibility to understand what goes wrong?

Experiencing the same with latest update on my LG G4 marshmallow 6.0

We have disabled work in background for a long time ago, so it should not eat battery, but it seems that on some devices or in some conditions it happens. I could send you a build with logging, could you use it and than left for a some amount of time in background and then send me a log - so i could understand what goes wrong with it.

To send log you need to make a long press on screen title (black text on green actionbar), then select a mail client (gmail), and enter my email: and send it.

For this issue: app needs to be used for some time, and then for some longer time left app in background and then open again and send a log.