Newbie : how to read digital inputs (sensors) with Wemos D1 mini?

how to read digital inputs coming from sensors with Wemos D1 mini?
I tried to put a Led widget, I was asked for virtual pins? what that?


A virtual pin is a super powerful pin that Blynk created. All covered in the docs.

Look through the examples and you’ll work out how to get started.

could someone share an example for that?

What kind of sensors?

Hi gvnl,

Before we can offer you help, we need to make sure you understand Blynk and what it does.

You should read everything here first. Blynk for Beginners and help with your project

Then you should read this about asking for help: [README] Welcome to Blynk Community!

Please come back once you have tried the methods in the examples and have a good understanding of Blynk basics.

To read the sensors, forget about Bylnk. Its only going to confuse you.
You need to get the sensor working WITHOUT Blynk first. Monitor data via Serial. Once you have a working app, start to integrate Blynk.

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