New widget request-dpad

hey there,
i have been using bynk for the last 2-3 years and i am loving the way you guys going ahead with the app.
i have a suggestion tough. we would love to see a DPAD WIDGET with 4 arrow keys and and an option to add a “select” button. i know that there is a analog joystick WIDGET that can be used but we would love the simplicity of using just arrow keys.

I believe with that experience with Blynk you are aware of such a possibility, but anyway: with new, smaller buttons you can easily create dpad yourself.


I am using the same Style Button Widgets for the dpad but i would love have a separate DPAD Widget.

We had this widget in our initial plans. But you know… We never had a time to make it. And at the moment it is very unlikely it will appear soon.

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yes @marvin7
the new styled button give us iinfinity creative tools