New version of Blynk Platform. Sign up for Beta

You are most definitely not on your own :grimacing:
I’m almost certain I was one of the very very first to subscribe to beta testing and seem to have been forgotten in favour of others for some reason!
I’d be very interested to know how the first actual testers were chosen above those who subscribed first

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There are 2 new gauges, several new buttons (icon, image ones). There are at least 10 new widgets.
In both value display widgets, there is an auto-scale option for font size.

I don’t get what’s wrong with this landscape support: it is mostly for tablet, Samsung Dex, and ChromeOS devices.

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Just got the invitation to the next demo. April 15th at 10AM EDT. That makes 4AM in my country.
I love Blynk but not sure if I do that much :yawning_face:

@Emilio I thought you were in Spain?
10am EDT is 4pm CET


Your’re right. I do love Blynk now :rofl:


Looks like things are happening…



Thanks for the update.

It’s going to be expensive to convert my 20 or so old apps to the new version for no real benefit and at 4.99 per new device it makes simple devices expensive, but it’s a great product and Blynk does need to make a profit.
Is there no way to convert the credit we spent on old apps to the new ones?
If I create 20 new devices in the first month will they all be lost at the end of the trial period?
Etc etc …

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I installed Release v1.0.0-beta.1 · blynkkk/blynk-library · GitHub but cannot see it in the Arduino Examples pick list…

On the side will there be a new Community Forum for the upgrade?

I’d suggest that you un-install the beta version of the library and install v1.0.0 instead. The release notes say that it includes Blynk.Edgent examples.

Good question! I can see the current forum spiralling downhill rapidly when people post questions but don’t state which version they are using.



Version does in most questions, but policy and business model does.

I suppose / Stefan

:thinking: do not compute :man_shrugging:t2:

It may have been mentioned somewhere already but does anyone know what widgets are premium and which ones are not?

@Pavel maybe Blynk should run a new Kickstarter campaign for Blynk 2.0 and keep Blynk for makers with a small fee to maintain the service. There must be thousands of projects out there that will be culled at some stage by the new release… The migration is going to be slow while Blynk 2.0 matures. The original Blynk took several years to mature and build up a huge following, I feel somewhat let down :pensive:

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Blynk 2.0 is mature enough already. Many business clients are using it for years already. All reported issues from the clients were fixed. So I think we are pretty good here. Yes, the web doesn’t have a lot of widgets right now. But that gonna be fixed quickly. As core is there and pretty stable.

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Where is the manual for the new version of blynk app? I don’t know how to use it after installation?

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I just saw this… There is mature and there is senile :wink:

Blynk (legacy) was a mature Maker platform but is getting lost in the “New Better Thing” that probably should have been marketed as a separate sister entity with a modified name of some sort to keep it in the family, but more “PRO”… and on it’s own forum/webpage to avoid the clear confusion of the current mix.

Alas, too late for all that now.

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yeah @Gunner i think the same too.
earlier ifttt completely chanf]ged itself and made paid.

now blynk…

You still have a Free plan, which is quite capable. And it will become even more capable in future, as Blynk is evolving.