New time input

Hi! I am trying to make a automated roller blind where I can controll it using the Blynk app and especially the “time input” widget to set schedules. I am using the nodemcu v3 with the esp8266 chip and have tried multiple codes that is said to work with the timer, but noen have worked so far due to the code beeing made for an old version or anothteher reason. Does someone have a code or idea to make the timer/clock working on the esp8266 with the latest Blynk app?

Timer is different from Time input.

Timer is no longer available in BlynkIoT, instead use automations for all your time based triggers.

Search the forum for time input and you will find plenty of examples. The code remains same for both versions of Blynk.

If you post your sketch properly formatted with triple backticks (```) at the top and bottom of the code, we can help you achieve what you are looking for.

Thank you very much! I did not know i could set automated schedules in the app, but that worked very well for me. :slight_smile: Is there any benefits for using Time input instead of the automations in the app?

Automations work only when your internet is up and running. If there is no internet, then triggers will not take place.

By using time input and little bit of coding you can solve the above mentioned problem.

But automation has many other features apart from just triggering a device at the set time.

Automation is powerful. No coding approach is the best thing.