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I find the text length for the labels is an issue on many of the widgets. (LED especially).
Would it be possible to include a text widget for entry of text labels of various lengths/fonts/colors etc,
This could then be used to position text above or along side the widgets.
Also, if no label is entered on the widget itself, don’t display the default label. e.g. LED will display the word LED above it if you don’t specify some other three (or less) letter word.


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To get blank label just type in a space. Works fine at least for leds i am using :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip.

Personally I would prefer that the widgets did not have any text label assigned (other than buttons - see my other post), rather there was a separate text label widget so you could add what-ever text you want (size, font, color etc) and position it anywhere you like. This would free up space to make the widgets a little larger as well as make the GUI layout/design much more meaningful.

To display a text you could use a value display widget
and write the text to its virtual pin in the setup function of your hardware.
Note, that it has to be after the Blynk.beginn() command!

// Just add a value display widget to your project
// and use a space for a blank lable.
// V0 is the value display:

void setup()
  digitalWrite(SDCARD_CS, HIGH);

  Blynk.virtualWrite(V0, "test");

I tried but I can not, please can you show me how to get.

I thank you for the quick answer, unfortunately I only see that it works, but I do not see how to get.
I am interested in the large wide labels.
I also noticed in the LED Settings the field: Door, that I did not, what is it and how you get.

I don’t get it, what is it that you don’t get?
I’m showing you how it’s done, you enter the label field and fill it with a blank space to make the label text “disappear”.
A blank space is what I have between every word in this text. Here’s a space " " between the quotes. Don’t get how to explain this any easier…

The “door” is simply my use of device selector widget that I named “door”. It makes it so that the led is tied to the current device selected in my device selector instead of only being tied to one specific device. I will be running multiple devices with the same setup and switch between them using device selector, then all my widgets will communicate with the selected device.

I apologize for my unclear question, it is clear a blank space to make the label text disappear, I’ve also got this I.
What it can not do is the large label, example your: “ADC VALUE VOLTAGE”.
Be patient, thanks

He is showing you the label function on the LED widget (mid-right on his device screen), you are looking at a completely unrelated widget he just happens to also have running - an LCD widget.

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to light now, but then a large label for the LED is that possible?

Right now, if you want larger “labels” you can use a Labeled Value widget, and just place it accordingly alongside a button or LED widget. You then would place a " " in the 'title" section and type your desired text in the label section (you can of course, also send that text via your script). Not quite what you are asking for, but a possible option for now.

This is just an example… not connected to server or a device, so the LED is “OFF” and thus hard to see.

You can also resize the label down to it’s smallest size and that will make it look like this (font size is automatically adjusted to fit widget size).


Okay, I tried it, I got it.
It is not really suitable but it makes the case.
I hope in the future we can have a broader label on the Widget LED.
Thanks artigliere. Are yow Italian?.

Hehe, I actually had to use Google translate to realise you were referring to me… so, no, not Italian :smiley:

I’m sorry, my guilt and I use Google translate, and I messed up.
Thanks for everything

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No need to apologize :smiley: And I was glad to help.