New nodemcu keeps "Connecting to"

You mean to create/control projects from a computer as well as phone/tablet? I don’t know, but sounds like a good idea… @Dmitriy? Should I create a new IDEA post, or have you been suitably informed (both here and in another post, apparently) :wink:

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They provide the HTTP API… build your own web page :wink:


I think I remember stumbling upon that when I was trying to figure out Blynk on RPi (well, OK, I am STILL trying to figure that one out :stuck_out_tongue: )… anyhow, reading about it left me cross-eyed, so I think I will await for some other intrepid soul to do that .

Lol its not hard…

There is actually a member project to create one underway… ill try and find it for you.

We do not plan to make web interface for our app builder. Why? Few reasons:

  • We don’t want to compete with hundreds of other platforms that do this already;
  • We believe in mobile. With ideal and perfect UI you don’t need web anymore. I have here good example. I have a banking app that does everything in mobile. Since I installed it I had never used web for banking. We believe Blynk can make the same for IoT. Yes, it is not ideal yet, but we are working on it;
  • We are limited in resources.

However we are making right now web interface for data analytic and some project management.

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that is weird most others are using web based so you can connect thru any device “any” that has a web browser…

what if your phone broke or crashed or whatever… well with the bank you can still go on your pc to access your account…

with blynk you need to find a device that is compatible with the app… download the app… and so on :no_mouth:

also while building a project which is most likely connected to a pc to build compile and upload sketch , it is way nicer to have access all on one computer instead of staring at a smart phone :rolling_eyes: [quote=“Dmitriy, post:28, topic:11756, full:true”]

  • We don’t want to compete with hundreds of other platforms that do this already [/quote]

so lose the ease of access because others are already doing it? :thinking:

Same with Blynk. We have HTTP API, Websockets and MQTT.

Same question regarding PC. Cool phone nowadays cost 100$. You can buy every month new phone with no budget problems :slight_smile:.

All devices are compatible.

But Blynk is easy. Yes, we don’t have web UI. But all other is done. You can insert any value in cloud, get it with no issues.

i bet windows rt can not use app :confused: while with apexfusion a cayenne windows rt is no problem :grinning:


What is windows RT?

You can easily use any android emulator on WIn. If needed.

windows RT

not on windows rt

@Andrew_Matlack are you just interested in fish tanks or the wider iOT?

im just referring to apexfusion because they went as far as to completely ditch the app and only use web based cloud interface…works great…

I think you are missing the point as far as what Blynk provides. If you learn how to install the libraries and stick with it i’m sure you will see how powerful it is if you want to quickly build Android and iOS apps for iOT devices.

I would be very disappointed if any of the app providers I use went back to the 1980’s with a browser only interface.

guessing that means the nay no… some say its so simple to make web interface… but…w/e you can lead a horse to water …

I was thinking about that earlier… and it would probably keep the formfactor and layout of a phone/tablet. Do you recommend any that have been tested with Blynk?