New Line / Carriage Return in text message

I’m using the email widget to send myself a text message and I can’t figure out how to get a new line or carriage return in the body of the text message. Tried “\r” , “\n” , and “br” (with brackets) with no success.

I understand others have had success with “br” for emails but it’s not working for me with a text message.

are you using blynk.notify?

No I’m using

not sure you can?


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great, I’m going to try that too!

Thanks Pete. I tried it but it didn’t work for text messages. At least not thru Verizon.

So you’re using some sort of email to SMS gateway?
If so then you should probably look for some documentation on the gateway and see how they handle carriage return characters in the source email and see if that offers any guidance.


Thanks Pete. I’m can’t find any info for Verizon’s gateway but I’ve discovered <br> works on Cricket’s network.

You can mark as solved.

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