New iOS Release 2.8.4

  • Fixed bug when History Graph would not link to correct device in multi-device project.
  • Fixed cloning projects from QR codes generated with 2.7.0 and earlier versions.
  • Slightly updated LED widget design.
  • Added logs to help troubleshoot BLE connectivity issues.
  • Small UX improvements.

Do the QR codes need to be re-created?

No, if to be scanned with latest version (that was a fix for).
Yes, If you want to make sure users with all versions can clone.

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You probably have a road-map, but hoping the new level widgets can go in next!

I believe they don’t have an iOS developer in-house anymore thus their iOS dev is way behind Andriod. I’ve begun looking at other options available due to this, :frowning:

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There is technical debt that should be covered.

I really wish i could be of more help but I don’t know enough iOS dev code to be useful, :frowning:

I think after refactorings, cleanups development will go faster. In fact - adding new widget is 2-3 day task. However devil in details. We can’t move forward without fixing issues that were here for a long time :wink:. Well, we can. But you’ll hate “such” Blynk :grinning:


Don’t get me wrong D, we are all amazed with what you, P and Vlad and the team have been able to provide for us over the last 18 months, blynk is still and always will be an excellent platform, I am still planning to buy an Android device to use as the primary controller in the house.

@Eugene, hoping to see an update soon :smiley: What can we expect?

At the moment the core functionality of iOS app is being rewritten from scratch. This is needed to make further growth possible. But also, 2.9.0 build will include a whole bunch of new features :wink:

Because of major changes, we’ll do public beta testing before publishing to the AppStore. The beta builds will be available in about a month here on forum, I’ll be making an announcement.


Sign me up! lol


Same - happy to help as iOS has some catching up to do :smile:


@Dmitriy Is Eventor working with BLE in Android or iOS?


Thanks for the quick answer. And is Eventor working with HC-06?

Eventor doesn’t work with BT.

Ok. Then There is one last question. Will it work eventually? is it in the pipeline?

Someday - yes. But not even this year.

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