New iOS Release 2.8.2

This update brings Tags support.

With tag you can control multiple devices of the same kind with one widget. To create a tag go to the project settings and tap on the Devices section. There you can manage all your devices and tags.

Also in this update you can find About App screen where you can check app version and send logs to us.

As always, if you have any questions regarding update, post it here.


Hi Eugene
Great to see updates on iOS. I see the version numbers for iOS and android are on different tracks and not to be seen as aligned ?

Would be great if there was a simple comparison table of features and functionality showing latest releases and features available for iOS and android as itโ€™s getting tricky keeping up with the changes. Ideally this would be updated on each release so itโ€™s kept fresh. I think others might find this useful as well, what do you think (or others think) ?

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Would be great to see this as well!

Sent you a test log @Eugene :wink: Not a serious fault though so donโ€™t follow up :stuck_out_tongue:


It looks like the double up of terminal output is back.

QR Code sharing works again

Thanks for the report. Fixed in upcoming 2.8.3

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