New iOS Release 2.8.1

  • Introducing new look of the project in running mode
  • Drag & drop widgets over different tabs via the Tabs widget
  • Finally, while editing your project, you can just swipe or pan to the left to open the Widget Box
  • Tabs widget look simplified: just tap on the active tab to open the settings
  • Timer widget Settings screen could show shifted time. This is fixed.
  • Fixed bug when Slider widget was sending slightly inaccurate value.

As always, please report your feedback regarding the update. :slight_smile: Thanks!



I love the new dash look. Very smooooth! :heart_eyes:

The best part of this update!

Nice update - look forward to seeing parity with android functionally soon :pray: ?
With respect to time widget - does that fix the issue (which I also reported a while back) which has the iOS time widget not registering the gmt reference correctly ?

No, this was more UI issue on settings screen. Timer seems working fine for me. Please reference me to the topic with the issue.

Just so I’m communicating clearly in terms of what I’m referring too it is this issue reported some time ago : Blynk getStart/StartHour/Minute/Sec function return GMT+0 always

Is this what you were referring too in your last response ?

Having issues with cloning a project.

This is the screen im shown for all my projects.

It crashes a few seconds after opening the clone project page.

The bug you referring is about Time Input (not Timer) and I believe already fixed

Got the crash report. It crashed after you tapped “Share” right?

It crashes when i just sit on that page too.

I’ll do it now and hope it sends crash report.

EDIT: No youre correct… it only crashes when you click SHARE.

Any reason why the QR code doesnt show up?

ok - sorry confused timer input for timer, my bad

Could not reproduce that. It may take some time, but always shows up. If this still reproduces on your project, please share with me (private msg) the device token.

Im on local server if that matters?

Yep, then no point, it will be useless for me

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