New idea for SetProperty

Hi , my idea is to make an “Enable” in the setProperty.
This would grey out a button or label, so no button input will be accepted in this state.
It will make the interface more userfriendly and less code needs to be written to prevent unwanted entries in certain stages of the program

my idea would be: Blynk.setProperty(V20,“Enable”, True);
This would activate the widget in the app, entries are possible from the user.
Blynk.setProperty(V20, “enable”, False); makes the widget greyed out and non responsive for the user , no entries will flow to the hardware program.

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And to go a litte bit further: It would make sense to enable or disable a group of widgets, let´s say buttons. So a group box (no, not a tab) would be nice, which could be enabled or disabled

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