New Device message, offline

I have two Blynk projects

  1. OpenGarage, not written by me, got it through the OpenGarage website via their QR code.
  2. Dual Temp sensors written with community help here.

I bought a new phone, Blynk is still on the old phone and I’d like to keep it there if possible until I am settled into this new one. If that is causing the problem, I’ll do what you advise.
I Downloaded the Blynk App to the new phone and signed in and now the OpenGarage project is telling me NEW DEVICE Offline since, date.
This error message is on both phones.
The temp project however works just fine.
I went out to the garage and saw the board led was on so I knew the power was o.k.
Then I unplugged it and replugged it thinking it might need resetting. Now its LED is blinking and the project remains not working.
I did search here for info but couldn’t find this problem although I did find info about sharing but I was unsure because this is just me and my account, I’m not trying to share with someone else.
Any help would be appreciated, I hope I don’t have to climb up there to the ceiling above the garage door to fix this.

Only the App is on your phones… Your account and all your projects are stored on the server (in this case Blynk’s Cloud Server)… The App is just a way of connecting to your projects… you could have a dozen phones logging into on one account, no problem. Well, as long as you used the same login and password… Sharing is not a required part of this situation, so don’t go there :slight_smile:

Well whatever happens is not due to the new phone… but it sounds like the MCU (whatever you are using for your Garage Door project, didn’t reconnect to the server upon powering up.

What is the type of MCU, and can you check your router to see if it (the MCU) is connected to your network or not?

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It is node mcu esp8266

It is showing offline in netgear genie. There is good wifi there, I have another device (sonoff) in the same area controlling lights that is working. I’ll restart the router.

I feel so STOOPID, But I’m glad I asked before going hog-wild tearing up the planet. THANK YOU GUNNER.

I guess that means it came back online after a router restart? :slight_smile: