🚀 New Blynk release!

Thank you dear @PeteKnight , I will subscribe to the commercial plan, but I want to inquire about the payment of fees, will it be a one-time payment or will it be a monthly payment?

The pricing is all on the Blynk website…

With the PRO plan its $39 per month (when paid for annually) and this gives 40 devices.
Each additional device is a one-off payment of $4.99

You get 20 users, and if you ned more then these are added by increasing the monthly subscription - an extra $49 per month for 100 additional users…

  • Up to 100: $49 /month
  • Up to 500: $99 /month
  • Up to 1000: $199 /month
  • Up to 5000: $299 /month


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I suggest there is another pricing plan
I do not want to pay a monthly or annual subscription. I want to pay one time for each device that is connected. This is compatible with many people

Yes, that’s how it works…

I don’t think you have a choice, if you want to use Blynk commercially.

But. lets face the fact that you’ve been illegally using the free version of Blynk 0.1 commercially for some time, and the commercial subscription for Blynk 2.0 is much lower than the old commercial subscription.
You should do the right thing and sign-up to a PRO subscription.


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I apologize
It is true that because I was not aware of the monthly plan, but paying a monthly amount is not appropriate in some countries. Customers want to buy a device and go without returning, so the fees will be paid on my account
We would like the payment to be made once for each device without a monthly payment, and this will double the sale of devices to hundreds or thousands.
Other than that we should have our own platform instead of paying a monthly fee on our own account and migrating from blynk
I don’t know if I’m right, but this is what I’m facing in my country
I beg your pardon again


From what I understand
Will be your solution when released
For 49$pm and only on activation $5 per device it looks like your clients will be able to self activate the unit and you will not need to pay per month per user

Ie smart plug or smart light

@Pavel is this correct?

FYI Developers need to eat. People tend to put a lot more perceived value into hardware than software

If you have clients charge them more. If they don’t want too may to bad they can try and find a cheaper alternative

I was not able to afford their standalone app but now I can launch my product with their new affordable pricing. You could always try and develop your own app with Flutter?

From my email conversation with them on plan pricing they are a small team doing the best they can. They haven’t always been consistent with information but are doing the best they can. You don’t get something for nothing.


I see a bright future in this change. Good features. and competitive pricing.

I’ve managed to start my first project using this new app. a LED on/off switch with ESP32, of course. the virtual pin idea is neat.

edit: nevermind. I have found the culprit

You can. You can find the device in the list of devices (it may appear in the search with 1 minute delay). Also, you can switch to the organization of that device as well.

But that would cost you much more than PRO plan monthly fee!
Minimal possible server 5$ a month + backups at least 1$ a month, google and apple accounts ~10$ a month, domain name 1$ a month, certificates ~10$ a month.

So with your own solution, you have to pay at least 27$ a month. And that’s just must-have things for every project out there today.

Now add email, push notifications, support, monitoring, and… the most expensive part - the development cost of all this.


I am in a remote area, I sell my devices with a profit amount that does not exceed 5 dollars. I cannot pay monthly fees. Also, customers cannot pay monthly fees. It is possible to pay fees for one time and the matter is over if this is possible. I only see the continuous sale of devices and earn profits from the new sale

OK. now I found something weird.
I created my first account, and my first project.
everything is working fine.

and then I decided to make another account, (cause the first account’s email is just too full with subscriptions.)

I made new project with the second account, change the template ID and device name on the sketch, uploaded it to the ESP32…
I looked at the monitor, and it has connected to the wifi, I even haven’t connected the device from the app yet.

moreover, I can control my device with my first account.

I thought the device name and template ID is unique and could only be accessed by the account that created it?

What do you mean? We don’t have any subscriptions introduced yet.

Did you invite the second user to your org? If yes, that’s expected. That’s the hole thing about organizations.

Template ID is unique. However, it could be accessed from the hierarchy of your organization.

Moreover, very soon will introduce Template Publishing, where you’ll be able to publish your products. So they could be available for anyone, even outside your organization hierarchy.

Just want to know that if new blynk platform has released full support for all functionalities Arduino like connect via USB serial or these functionalities are still to be improved yet as its examples codes are not working for New release of Blynk library 1.0.0 .

Newbie post so first up Hi to all!

Have a question on the Android App for Blynk 2.0, my phone see’s it and installed fine but a tablet I have doesn’t see the Blynk IoT app? It see’s the legacy app fine and will install that but not the the new Blynk IoT app?

Is this a bug? or does the new app not support WiFi only Android tablets?


How “old” is the tablet… as in the version of Android?

Based on the App info at the bottom of each Apps Play Store page…

Blynk (legacy) works with Android 4.2 and up

Blynk IoT works with Android 5 and up

Thank you, I didn’t see that info and that will be the problem.
The phone says 6.0.1 and the table is old HP 10 Plus and says 4.4.2 and I don’t think it can be upgraded simply.

What if the control feature is added from the application even when the internet is interrupted, as is the case in sonoff devices, it will be undisputed blynk

During connecting with the internet, I am stuck at waiting for the device to be online. Anyone can help me? for partition scheme, I’m using Huge App. Is this the problem?

@ThEEvO64 I’d suggest that you create a new topic, and provide ALL of the information that’s requested when you do that, along with additional information about the steps you’ve taken so far.