New Blynk Library v0.4.10 is released

In this release

  • Improvements:
    • Updated examples for OTA
    • Updated examples for RTC
  • Major fixes:
    • Fix Raspi Linux build
    • logEvent() support for Particle
    • Crash when adding an uninitialized value to virtualWrite

Full list of supported hardware is here.

Grab the update here:

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What is an uninitialised value and what hardware did it relate to?

It was a possible crash in scenario like

char* a = NULL;
Blynk.virtualWrite(V0, a);

Could affect almost all hardware.

if i use the built in auto updater in arduino ide (tools > blynk: check for updates), that updates all the mandatory files, or i have to update some of them manually?

this is the output i’ve got:

Downloading ''
.... done.
Latest version: 0.4.10
Installed version: 0.4.8
Downloading ''
.......................................................................... done.
Unpacking to C:\Users\wanek\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_590438
Updating Adafruit_NeoPixel
Updating Blynk
Updating BlynkESP8266_Lib
Updating Time
Updating TinyGSM
Updating BlynkExampleBuilder
Updating BlynkUpdater
Updating BlynkUsbScript


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It seemed to work fine for me as well.

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Cool, I didn’t know this is still working. LoL :wink:
[just kidding]

since this feature was introduced, this is what i use for updating blynk related stuff… and it seems to work ok.

however, i’m not sure why was this included in the output log:
Updating Adafruit_NeoPixel

afaik, this lib has nothing to do with blynk…

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It’s ok. We include some popular libraries by default. They are used in Blynk Provisioning, for example.

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Please remove Neopixel library from the default install. I delete it after each update because it always throws errors or conflicts.
Not to mention is the worst ever library to control LED’s. ( is king)


Too ?

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I talk about neopixel and fast led.

Sorry, we don’t force you to use this library :wink:
You can continue using FastLED.
BTW, could you describe exactly what conflicts are you talking about?

Where can i found The OTA example Sketch?

Are you using the Arduino IDE?

yes but i does not found any OTA example

@sh.abar.mard you will need to move up to My Apps / Business account to use the new OTA code.

It’s located at and this identifies where you can find it in the Arduino IDE.

so can you explain more?(why?)

Because that OTA code is in the Blynk Provisioning template.