New Blynk library v0.3.8 is released

In this release

  • New boards support:
  • Bluetooth Smart (4.0 LE) support [ BETA ]
  • RedBear Duo
  • RedBearLab BLE Mini
  • RedBearLab BLE Nano
  • Simblee BLE
  • RFDuino BLE
  • BlynkSimpleSerial class is deprecated now!
  • Please use our new, better USB/Serial examples
  • Fixed 128 Virtual Pins for ESP8266
  • Fixed Bridge.virtualWrite(pin, ...) with multiple parameters
  • Enabled SSL fingerprint check for ESP8266
  • Fixed info sending for Arduino WiFi Shield and ESP8266 WiFi Shield
  • Auto-generate Ethernet MAC address based on Auth Token
  • Remove CC3000 socket inactivity timeout
  • Updated Travis build system

Full list of supported hardware:

You can download latest library here:

You can also contribute to Blynk Wiki: :wink:

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i see 73 views but only 20 link clicky’s!

Hello. Do you have support for the “Arduino uno WIFI” I have one here and I believe they have not been released long.
Thank You


Unfortunately we don’t have this hardware to test with…

Thank you for the speedy response.

I have a Yun on the way so, Look forward to the projects.


@vshymanskyy I notice the Blynk update from 0.3.7 to 0.3.8 now appears in the Arduino IDE. Are we able to use the automatic update or do we still need to do manual updates due to the other 3 associated libraries in the zip file?

Or can we automatically do Blynk and manually update the other 3 libraries?

Or perhaps the other 3 libraries have not changed since version 0.3.7?

It would be good for updates to work through the IDE moving forward.


Great, it would be awesome if Blynk would be Eclipse Arduino plugin compatible. Eclipse is much more robust and feature rich than Arduino IDE.

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@vshymanskyy @Dmitriy @Pavel
Hello gentlemen, can we have an official answer about the suggested way to upgrade to 0.3.8 as @Costas asked?

Please this answer concerns many users here.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis

In this particular case, you can install blynk from IDE, but also need to update other libraries manually.
So it simpler to do all manually.

hmm, not liking this new one (v.1.13.1 on Android with 0.3.8 lib), it is taking MUCH longer for the app to update on re-opening it after its been dormant.

like 30 seconds delay!

but before, as soon as you open the app, it refreshed the values.

very frustrating when you really just want to check the values,

it’s like looking at your watch, but having to wait half a minute before it catches up with the real time…

anyone else notice this??

it happens on my ESP-8266 projects as well as my Mega 2560 projects…

@Dave1829 I have a fairly old Samsung (S3) and about 25 projects in the dashboard ranging from very basic to quite detailed. With 1.13.2 it only takes about 6 seconds to open the app from closed. Having said that I very rarely close the app and normally have it running 24/7.

@Costas app opens fine, just takes much longer to update values. E.g. Graph

Whoops - I just rechecked the Play store and found 1.13.2 there, hopefully this will be better?

@Dave1829 I have always founds graphs slow to update but I believe that is simply down to the way they are set up i.e. for 1 hour intervals you shouldn’t expect it to update by the second.

Do you have values, other than the graphs, that take 30 seconds or more to update from opening the app?

all much better with the 1.13.2 app on it.

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