New Blynk Library Release v0.5.4



In this release

  • New boards support

    • Arduino MKR WiFi 1010
    • Arduino MKR ETH shield
    • Arduino MKR VIDOR 4000 (use the example for MKR WiFi 1010)
    • Arduino UNO WiFi Rev.2 (use the example for MKR WiFi 1010)
  • Changes

    • Increase default BLYNK_TIMEOUT_MS to 3000ms (most boards)
    • Add BlynkTimer to Linux example
    • Add a check for ESP8266 Core version
    • Improved WiFi connection speed in some cases
    • Improve email example
    • WiFi Provisioning: increase default brightness of indicator LED
    • WiFi Provisioning: Use built-in Ticker.h for ESP32
  • Bugfixes

    • Fix Terminal on Particle
    • WiFi Provisioning: Fix reset button and indication for ESP32, ESP8266, MKR1000
    • WiFi Provisioning: Fix WiFi password length limited (increased to 64)

:zap: If you’re using Blynk WiFi Provisioning, it’s highly recommended to upgrade
:zap: Regularly update your IDE, Libraries and Boards (Core v2.4.2+ for ESP8266 is required)

PlatformIO, Particle, ARM mbed and OpenWRT packages will been updated soon.

Grab the update here:

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My small contribution as I went thru the changes, and it may be helpful for others, from this new library regarding WiFi Provisioning:

  • Indicator.h had a problem when it switched state from waveLED to beatLED as the m_Counter didn’t reset leading beatLED to refer to an unsigned beat[m_Counter]. This would make the LED to stop blinking and stuck on an unknown color/state.

  • Default brightness from 32 to 64.

  • Reset button had some random behavior, at least with me, when pressed several times. I believe this version would fix that. Also I experienced some random configuration reset which I couldn’t justify but button would be trigger that (I think).

**Note that I haven’t tested or confirmed those changes myself so please correct if I’m wrong.


@ldb thanks for detailed review. I can confirm your comments. As for random configuration reset, let us know if you still experience this issue after the update.


FYI, Particle Cloud has not updated to the v0.5.4 lib release.


Thx. I’ll re-check


FYI. Particle cloud development still has 0.5.3 as the current lib.


@5310 should be available now


Hi @vhymanskyy just updated the ResetButton.h and it appears to be more stable. Before the board would reset configuration after pressing the button several times, do not happen now.