New Blynk Library Release v0.5.4

In this release

  • New boards support

    • Arduino MKR WiFi 1010
    • Arduino MKR ETH shield
    • Arduino MKR VIDOR 4000 (use the example for MKR WiFi 1010)
    • Arduino UNO WiFi Rev.2 (use the example for MKR WiFi 1010)
  • Changes

    • Increase default BLYNK_TIMEOUT_MS to 3000ms (most boards)
    • Add BlynkTimer to Linux example
    • Add a check for ESP8266 Core version
    • Improved WiFi connection speed in some cases
    • Improve email example
    • WiFi Provisioning: increase default brightness of indicator LED
    • WiFi Provisioning: Use built-in Ticker.h for ESP32
  • Bugfixes

    • Fix Terminal on Particle
    • WiFi Provisioning: Fix reset button and indication for ESP32, ESP8266, MKR1000
    • WiFi Provisioning: Fix WiFi password length limited (increased to 64)

:zap: If you’re using Blynk WiFi Provisioning, it’s highly recommended to upgrade
:zap: Regularly update your IDE, Libraries and Boards (Core v2.4.2+ for ESP8266 is required)

PlatformIO, Particle, ARM mbed and OpenWRT packages will been updated soon.

Grab the update here:

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My small contribution as I went thru the changes, and it may be helpful for others, from this new library regarding WiFi Provisioning:

  • Indicator.h had a problem when it switched state from waveLED to beatLED as the m_Counter didn’t reset leading beatLED to refer to an unsigned beat[m_Counter]. This would make the LED to stop blinking and stuck on an unknown color/state.

  • Default brightness from 32 to 64.

  • Reset button had some random behavior, at least with me, when pressed several times. I believe this version would fix that. Also I experienced some random configuration reset which I couldn’t justify but button would be trigger that (I think).

**Note that I haven’t tested or confirmed those changes myself so please correct if I’m wrong.

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@ldb thanks for detailed review. I can confirm your comments. As for random configuration reset, let us know if you still experience this issue after the update.

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FYI, Particle Cloud has not updated to the v0.5.4 lib release.

Thx. I’ll re-check

FYI. Particle cloud development still has 0.5.3 as the current lib.

@5310 should be available now

Hi @vshymanskyy just updated the ResetButton.h and it appears to be more stable. Before the board would reset configuration after pressing the button several times, do not happen now.

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