New Blynk Joystick

Is there a reason that the Joystick widget in the new version of Blynk looks completely different than the old version?

Is there a how to guide that shows how to convert the setting from the old version to the new one?

There doesn’t seem to be a “merge” vs "split option.
Is there a new way of doing that?
Has that feature been taken out?

Please help

Would you like to use split mode or merge mode?


I was just hoping there was some tutorial or at the very least documentation of how to use this on the mobile app, but I can’t find anything.

The site doesn’t seem very helpful, unless I am looking in the wrong place.

The code documentation talks about merge mode, but not how you use it with a joystick on the app.



You’re an Android user right?


Advanced mode and merge mode are the same. Just create a new virtual pin datastream and set the data type to string, then use this code.

BLYNK_WRITE(V1) // Joystick assigned to V1 
  // get x 
  int x = param[0].asInt(); 
  // get y
  int y = param[1].asInt();

There is in the iOS version…


New widget

old widget

This is what I am trying to do

Okay, so it would appear that in the Android version of the app “Simple” = Split and “Advanced” = Merge.

Other than that they are pretty similar to the Legacy version. If you’re using the Advanced/Merge option the; you’ll need a String datastream type.


Can you send me a link to some documentation that will help me understand what you mean and how to relate this new version to the old version?

And Yes, I did finally get the 8266 installed with some code. I was able to see it via the Serial Monitor. The only thing I am trying to use is a Joystick as shown to control stepper motors.

How would I set up the Joystick to send data to the stepper motors in the way the old widget did?


When you randomly reply to the topic instead of a person, and don’t quite information from previous posts it’s impossible to understand who you are replying to, or what the context of your reply is.

You can use pretty-much the same sketch as you did with Legacy, the process of writing to stepper motors is going to be the same.