New Blynk for iOS behavior change with SuperChart

Hi Blynk.
The latest version of Blynk on iOS appears to misbehave on SuperCharts.

Previously, when selecting the fullscreen icon on the lower right corner of a SuperChart, the chart expanded (and rotated when appropriate) to a full screen on my iPad running iOS 13.4.1. Now, the SuperChart only expands in portrait mode, no longer auto-rotates to landscape.

I have tested Blynk on other iOS devices and see the same behavior.

I have also observed never-seen-before Blynk app crashing, again on a SuperChart.

Sure would be nice to get my beloved SuperCharts back. Please tell me if I can supply additional info to help.

Good luck. Thanks for Blynk.


I have also noticed the full screen super charts is in portrait now instead of landscape. Is this planned behavior?

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Thanks for the report, full screen chart fixed. Update will available in App Store in a couple days.

Don’t see any reports like that. Maybe some details, observations?

Impressively quick response! Thank you. Looking forward to seeing the new iOS update.

The app crashes from time to time when using SuperCharts in full screen. It appears related to the auto-rotate. I’ll keep an eye out with the new version.

Thanks again.

Hey folks. Any news on the iOS update? We miss our super SuperCharts!

It’s really one of the best display features in Blynk.

Hi Blynk Team. I just noticed the iOS fix on SuperCharts.
Thank you. Nice work.

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