New Blynk.Console release 20.10.2021

Hello all,

just want to give a small announcement. In the recent deploy we:

This new tab is very helpful during the debug, especially when you have hundreds of data streams. You can see every value of the datastreams, properties included and the time when the value was updated. Also, you can erase the value or property from this view. @PeteKnight this should fix the bug you described a month ago.

Please let me know what you think.


Thank you Dmitriy,

I like the new widget, too bad it’s too wide, like labels elsewhere.
New “Datastreams” tab is powerful indeed !

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You mean the widget min length is too big?

Yes it takes 5 cells instead of 4, so the gauge will be square.
And I think labels and switches could be 2 cells min. :thinking:

I agree with Blynk_Coeur. Like i said somewhere else earlier, the resolution of the web dashboard could be bigger so more widgets would fit. On a 1080P screen the widget are pretty large, if you expand the dashboard with the small icon on the top left to full then widgets get even bigger…

But very nice work… would love to see a LED next :wink:


Wouldn’t be nice if the widgets were resizable, just like the app ?

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They are @John93:wink:

Thanks buddy.

The datastreams tab is very handy!
Buttons don’t show (live) value in new datastreams tab? Also just had 2 times page freezes on the datastreams tab…had to refresh but slow or no reaction and only some reaction after clicking on other tab, then needed a second refresh… I’m using Chrome…

They should. Doesn’t work for you?

We’ll check. Maybe you see some errors in the chrome console?

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Nope, just did a restart of Chrome and same… see screenshot.

I use Node-red with Blynk, see button flows

Button widgets on web dashboard are working fine.

oO. Ok. Strange. We’ll check.

I guess a full screen mode is going to be a great feature.

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Hi please when is home assistance coming
Clients want voice control and we can not charge them for blynk and again charge for ifttt

For the device dashboard? WE have “extend” button for the device dahsboard view. It takes almost all screen.

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Yes Dmitriy I noticed that but it would be nice if the dashboard cover the whole screen.

I see. Agree. Ticket created.

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Thank you.