New Arduino IDE 1.8.12

ARDUINO 1.8.12 2020.02.13


  • Reverted the bundled Java JRE to the latest freely redistributable Oracle JRE for all
    platforms except:

    • macOS (due to notarization)
    • aarch64 (due to missing graphical support)

    Switching to AdoptJDK demonstrated to be more challenging than expected, bringing in
    some corner case bugs that were not being caught by our testing procedures:

    To guarantee the best user experience we decided to revert to the latest working JRE
    until all the issues are resolved.

  • Improved visualization of compiler errors (@matthijskooijman)

  • Fixed: “Comparison method violates its original contract” error in library manager

  • Serial monitor is no more cleared during upload, so it can be copy/pasted (@PaulStoffregen)


  • FIX REGRESSION: library priority selection for bundled libraries (like SD or Ethernet)
  • FIX REGRESSION: use AVR core installed via Board Manager (when present) instead of the one bundled in the IDE
  • Improved precompiled libraries handling
  • FIX: paths with spaces are now correctly printed in compiler output
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