New app (1.2.1) great updates but

Great to see that the labeled values widget got updated with bigger text possible but something went wrong with the outlining of the labels (too high compared to other widgets labels). The others widgets below the chart are image Gallery and Image Buttons widgets.
See pic for example V5/6 and 16 to 19.

Sorry, but I don’t see the problem on your screen. Could you please describe the problem in more details?

No problem :wink:

The label (LAATST GEVULD) of the new labeled value widget (V5 and V6) is positioned more to the top of its border than the labels of the other widget, like the image gallery widget next to it (with label HS VIJVER). So al labels are no longer on one line with same height widgets, this looks ugly. The old widget, before the update, had the same label height as all the other widgets.
I hope this is clear enough.

@bazzio I see. Thanks. This is Android, right? @BlynkAndroidDev please take a look.

Yes, Android.

Thanks Dmitriy and AndriodDev for fixing the issue in the new app version! :+1:

Had to resize my image buttons and image gallery pics (made canvas size 130%) because they were too big now for my taste but that was a easy fix.