New Android Release 2.26.5


In another topic I’ve provided a link to a build with fixes to your issue as well - you could try it


Unfortunately, the button home screen widget still didn’t work with the linked APK. Happy to take a look at code or a bug report/adb log if it helps.

UPDATE: Also verified that the most recent released jar does not resolve this.


I approve everything you said!
I have the same problems between my tablet, my phone and, I develop my interface on Nox Player!
I don’t kwow why there is no option for autoscaling !
it’s to bad
I am in charge of developing software for my company and I attach great importance to the appearance of the user interface.

I agree !!

you are right !


Did you successfully installed the apk? I’ve retested with my local server - it works fine.


I agree that the autoscaler perfectly fit the BLYNK philosophy “simple, fast and elegant”
Is there a problem to add the auto / manulal switch until the new scaling solutions are good enough to not generate a discussion?


@krzyspx It seems, the devs had a problem with the latter: It wasn’t elegant enough :rofl:


:smile: :smile: :smile:


I hope this change of mind will come too from the Blynk team. It’s setting a bad tone for the forum and the future as it seems so arbitrary, disruptive and unnecessary (because who is going to see the word wrap / autoscaling if they don’t want to on their own Blynk Project) - and even though many of the community who contribute a lot to examples, etc. for Blynk have voiced their concern they have been completely ignored.


I downloaded the apk that was linked to earlier and installed on my device (not through the app store). When inspecting the apk it says version 2.26.5, is that correct? The device is running Android 8.1.0.


Before _______________________________ Now
14-022427 14-022428


The after is more like:


Paweł, it was nice and elegant :slight_smile: Really


Aside from the current challenge with the auto-scaling, on a positive note, very nice work @BlynkAndroidDev on the Android App over the past couple of months!


Great to have the date showing on super chart.

Still troubled by font size. While I would prefer to have the previous auto scaling which was such a distinctive and compelling Blynk feature, I could live with fixed if it was consistent but the current version is not handling different devices well.

I have a Pixel phone and a Lenovo tablet. The Pixel will show up to 12 characters at small font size in a quarter width value display. On the Lenovo TB-X704F, I can only get 7 characters before truncation at smallest font size. With truncation, you only get 6 characters before the dots. Makes the Blynk interface extremely limited.

Any chance of getting a version that can at least show the same number of characters on different devices.


We are investigating a similar to phones font scaling for tablets.


That would be great. Thank you.

A low cost Android tablet fixed on a wall can provide a great user interface for home automation.
Having a good solution for tablets with Blynk will open up a lot more possibilities.

Another item that would be useful is a variable width for the segmented switch. Having half, three quarters and full screen width would help save valuable screen space. The segmented switch widget was a much needed addition to the tool box. Thanks for that one.

I use a Blynk a lot (home automation stuff). It’s a great platform and I really appreciate your development efforts. Hope you can continue to commercialise enough to pay for all your work.


just my 2 cents for the devs:

  1. removing the auto scaling feature: no one asked for this (at least on this community). it was the WORST “upgrade” since i use bkynk!

  2. not implementig smaller buttons: really lots of members asked for this in the last years, but you completely ignored this request. though it could be implemented much easier than other unwanted features, and with minimal effort.

*EDIT: sorry, i didn’t observed that the new styled button can be resized to a more convenient small size. so, this second point is not valid.

true. because on every widget we display different content, which sometimes needs to change dynamically. and this feature was a cool thing :slight_smile: sometimes functionality is much more important than appearance!

also, why do you think that inconsistency would look better, if you manually set the font in each widget to different size? the end result will be exactly the same: widgets will have different font size.

did this solved the basic problem? NO.
did it causes a lots of headache for the users: YES.

why don’t you allow the OPTION for the users to decide which one they want to use?

  • restore the “auto scaling” as an option. if soemone will feel it is not practical for his / her app, he will use the “fixed font size” option instead.

what’s the problem with this approach?
introduce new features, but leave the old ones too. and everyone will be happy.


Styled button could be 2 times smaller than regular button.


Yeah, go figure… The devs asked for this! I guess they are using Blynk too! :wink:

I was asking for it either, so my vote again: +1


I believe many were asking for the ability to have a button even 4 times smaller, or the size of the LED… and before the old argument comes up about too small for proper design practices… take a close look at the moving slider element.

PS, I am not knocking the styled button, just saying that there can still be room for more sizing and flexible options… some will use them creatively, and that to me was the leading power of Blynk, End User Creativity!