New Android Release 2.26.0

run perfectly with my android phone , but not with noxplayer (try that @Gunner)


and now



I use NOX already. Besides, I removed Blynk from my phone… I don’t like how the (IMHO unnecessary) font changes look on skinny HD phones, so I will stick with using my tablets, where it is a bit more bearable… although still required adjustment to make the text fit :frowning:

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Blasphemy! :dizzy_face:

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Is it THAT bad??

Nope, I was only kidding…:sweat_smile:… silly comment before going to sleep…

Not as good as it was before all the “fixin”… Back here I asked for a simple scalling adjustment of the small widget labels and things like the terminal text.

Those still haven’t changed but the regular text options became constrained… Now instead of text scaling to fit my desired widget size and fluctuating values… I have to adjust my widgets to fit the text limits and max values (else cropping).

End result is STILL differing sizes of text on side by side widgets (one of the justifications was unification), but less flexibility for end users choice of look.

Is it UGLY? No, not always… but neither is it better, or even the same as before.

I know :stuck_out_tongue: but brand loyalty only goes so far… I’m not going to stare at something that doesn’t look right on my daily driver phone. Nor do I wish to adjust for “maximum air” just so I can read all the text all the time. I usually only used the phone to show others, as I rarely go anywhere.

Meanwhile, tablets still work OKish for my aesthetics… not as nice as before, but workable… as in I still need to tweek individual fonts to fit without cropping…

This is the exact same project as above, but on a larger tablet, so when I reduce the fonts to fit (so much for cross device scaling), they will be relatively OK for viewability

And yes, all of this was with App v2.26.1 EDIT - oops, the tablet pic was only v2.26.0… Now it is v2.26.1… Slightly worse actually, as my terminal refresh button now can’t even display the SMALL font word Terminal :frowning:

Please return the autoscale option for widget/text width :pray:


after updated the latest apps version 2.26.1 the problem never solve.

or provide a solution to changing ALL of the widgets at one time.

it sucks:

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Just downloaded v2.26.1. android.

App still freezing as follows.

Above is my screen. 5 devices off line. Go to check devices off line.

Now freezes and gave to force stop the app.

By the way I’m not liking the new default size of the txt on my phone. All too small even the large. My default was medium and way too small for my 62 year old eyes. Sorry to add this to a hot topic but need to add my voice as well.

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I was asking for possibility to change it from code… Then we could easily calculate the data length and increase/decrease font size with setProperty. But it is not possible currently…

I mean within local server.

With local server it should be as easy as editing (find-and-replace) the user profile file. I tried with other properties (chart resolution, when it wasn’t possible to do it within app yet) and it worked.

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We just uploaded 2.26.2 with several additional fixes to the freeze issue. We had finally reproduced it on some of our devices and fixed.

I just tested the latest version 2.26.
now I have the same problem than with NOX.
with small font, text is crop to only 4 characters
so instead of “server 1” , it displays “serv”
Now this makes no sense.

@Blynk_Coeur screen please

I have noticed that how Blynk displays in NOX is dependent on the Phone/Tablet settings on the emulator… I used this to get as close as I could (but not perfect) with my LG G6. The DPI affects Blynk display more than the resolution.


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MOB instead of MOBILE 1 middle font and small font

RESET instead of RESET MCU 1

It’s not a font issue, your label is to big to fit in the button with paddings

Why those left/right margins are so… huge!? Those labels could easily fit inside.