New Android Release 2.2.0-2.3.0

Great to have resizeable widgets in APP! But still the gauge widget. :sweat: My topic about it has been “lost” in the crowd, so here’s the link to it: Gauge widget “zero” centered... and more @Pavel, @Dmitriy… please guys keep it somewhere on the desk. Now when widgets are resizeable this one certainly should be bit smaller. And the “zero-center” option…

Found a slight inconsistency in the visual design. The original small button looks like this when ON:

but when stretched it looks like this:

The small border is missing.

I just discovered that my fingers can slip while resizing a slider (them sliders are slick :wink: ) and my slider disappeared? Oh well, I go to replace it, but the virtual pin it used was still busy??

Turns out you can resize these things into another dimension :astonished: Well actually I just resized it into the negatives… A simple removal via the Administration Page (Yay Local Server) and I was able to recreate it. :+1:

@Gunner Thanks. We aware of this one.

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