New Android Release 2.19.1

decimal pointless that is :smiley:


I’ve just tested the new build vs. my node red implementation. I updated the Android app and removed my float-converting node. It doesn’t seem to be working.

To me, it still looks like the button widget is sending a float.


{ "payload": "1.0", "arrayOfValues": [ "1.0" ], "_msgid": "7a6b2e2b.8594d" }

and Off:

{ "payload": "0.0", "arrayOfValues": [ "0.0" ], "_msgid": "5458966d.aba768" }

I may be missing something, of course…

Is your button on virtual or digital/analog pin? Such behavior is possible on virtual pins.

It’s a virtual pin. But if the build was meant to fix this issue, it’s not fixing it. :frowning:

I don’t know why the button needs to send a float instead of a fixed 1/0 binary result (inheritance?), but in that case I’d suggest making available the same option the slider has to turn floats off.

@pathway today 2.19.2 app’s version would be available, it should fix your issue with floats on a virtual pin of the button

@GTT @tulo 2.19.2 release would allow you to add max to 5 decimals after the point to min/max fields of the slider, ‘set property’ should use maximumFractionDigits field and values from 0 to 5.

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“Fraction” isn’t really the right way to describe the number of decimal places. “Resolution” is the correct term.


In the UI the text is already changed, but the name for ‘set property’ command would not be changed.

@Pete, resolution reminds me of the amount of significant digits. I thing fraction or decimal places fits better here.

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Resoloution can be used to refer to both the number of significant digits and the number of decimal places.


resolution is an abhorrent term.

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Why :slight_smile:?

Because it’s not used by the mainstream.

Breaking news: Blynk announces latest app update - now with slider resolution of 0.03125 (1/32) or the new (1/2 ^ 5) resolution slider.

Great news!! :rofl:
Just don’t know why… yet :wink:

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I confirm that the latest build fixes the problem with the button and the virtual pins. I just tested it and it works just like it used to.

Thank you!

I didn’t get if this is running or not…because it doesn’t seem to work.

What exactly doesn’t work? @Dmitriy is the server ready for “set property maximumFractionDigits” calls?

Yeah I was wondering if the server can already handle that…

Server is ready but not deployed yet :).

Seems this property update should work now, as the server has been updated and also we have a new app release.