New Android Release 2.10.0

What’s new :

  1. “Notify when offline” notifications option now has additional option - Ignore period.
  2. Eventor now can be triggered from app side;
  3. Eventor now sends correct MAX/MIN values for PWM pins;
  4. Terminal duplicates strings fix;
  5. Device selector doesn’t work with reading widgets fix;
  6. Notifications weren’t working after widget editing;
  7. Home Screen Widgets now should work on Local server via HTTP and port 8080;
  8. Step widget now can send step and not value;

This update requires latest Blynk Server version.


Is it possible to make the Timer widget changeable without stopping the proces? Something like the time input widget? That would be great. Then when I share the project, someone can change the timer but can not do other things.

@hutje right not this is not possible.

Works great!! Only observation is that, in step mode, the counter should either be blank or display actual 1 / -1 step value; Just to keep the button masher from getting confused as to what value (or what mode) the widget is actually sending out

Terminal appears to still be duplicating if you come back to view it when returning from another app / tab.

I noticed the same. Rebooting my phone (just to be sure) worked for me (so far). Side question: I’m having a hard time moving widgets between tabs… They’re intermittently getting stuck on the tab!

I’ve been able to reproduce the widget on tab issue a few times. Unfortunately the only way to fix is to move the tab bar which is time consuming when screens are full!

Just saw your post. Before I made mine in a new thread, same issue. I had this bug prior to this new Android update.

Blynk Android mobile app is restricted for my region, Could you please grant access for Georgia?

I don’t think Blynk has that much sway over Google :wink: (whom for whatever reason has not opened up Play Store in Georgia - The Country, at this time).

However, have you tried searching for the Blynk.apk? I found a slightly older one listed here, current version should show up eventualy… downloads and installs fine on my Droid4X sandbox. Run your own AV scans to be sure.

How to use?
“Home Screen Widgets now should work on Local server via HTTP and port 8080”

My contains “http.port=8080” but still not work. If I understand well, Android APP call 8080 port?

Thanks for help.

We found one issue that could fail home screen widgets work on any server, tomorrow or on friday - we’ll release a fix. I’ll attach here a new apk for you.

I used Tor Browser and downloaded it as if I was downloading it from European Country.

My Blynk app version is 2.10.1 and I have a problem with the offline notification ignoring Android Do Not Disturb mode.

I don’t remember it doing it before but this morning I was woken up by a lot of vibration alerts for my project going offline.

@Jason hello, could you please be more specific? What is your settings? What is expected behaviour, what actually happen?

In terms of Blynk settings, I have the alert priority set on Normal and set to warn if the device goes offline.

Do Not Disturb mode automatically silences notifications at night so your phone doesn’t blink, buzz or ring while you sleep. The Blynk app somehow bypassed this and was making my phone buzz, I’ll admit my device doesn’t go offline very often or at all so I don’t know if this is an issue with just this version or not.

Hm interesting. What device do you have and Android version?

this is an old bug, and it is not fixed.

It’s a Nexus 6P running Nougat (7.1.1).

I would expect if I had the priority set to High it could override DND mode but having it on Normal it should be quiet.

Thank you for help :slight_smile:
As I know, when application is published only developer is able to restrict Countries.
I have downloaded latest version using TOR Browser(as if I was downloading it from EU Country).
I need to buy Blynk Energy, but I got error on this also:

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