New Android Release 1.16.4

It looks like Node-Red plugin is not working correctly with all those new features.
This plugin is not maintained by Blynk, but I think I will take a look at it maybe in a week.


  float testX = param[0].asFloat();  
  float testY = param[1].asFloat();
  float testZ = param[2].asFloat();

Sorry for not formatting, iPad has no backtick, lol.

i am aware of that also @tzapulica have a post requesting the community help as he don’t have much time to maintane the project.
i wishi could help but i don’t have the required skills

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hi guys, could someone summarise for me what would need to be supported for the new changes?
would help save me a ton of time trying to get up to speed with all the changes…

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i d like to add that help of any kind is more than welcomed, that includes documentation and help of nodes and a better readme.

@tzapulica let me get a chance to look through your code - maybe I’ll fix it.
I’ll contact you later, thanks!

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What about Making a drone that follows as you move? (With GPS streaming, accelerometer, etc)

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