New Android Release 1.16.4

What’s new :

  1. Added phone sensor widgets - GPS, Light, Proximity, Temperature, Accelerometer, Gravity, Barometer, Humidity (they will appear in widget menu in case your device supports them);
  2. More fixes for Home Screen widgets;
  3. Crash fixes for Eventor;
  4. bunch of fixes for zeRGBa;

For sensors you need to use latest Blynk server - 0.19.0.


You are amazing! Continuos update and a lot of features, this is the best project that I ever seen!


awesome stuff Blynk Team ! - can’t wait to get it on the iOS version :wink:

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This has to be the best update yet … this is a game changer if you ask me. From a very nice product to awesome!

Just one question, how does the Proximity widget work? I think I understand all the others, but not that one.

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I guess the Proximity sensor is the one who turn off your screen when you put your smartphone near your ear

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You sir, are correct! I have no idea why I would use this, but I guess I can switch on the light by holding the phone near my ear. That is freakin’ awesome!!!

Is there some documentation available for the new widgets? I think I"m doing it wrong, but I’m not sure. Next time you release new widgets it may be wise to have some basic documentation in order because this is somewhat frustrating. I pressed the [i] button but there was nothing there :frowning:

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Pavel, awesome new capabilities! When can expect to see in iOS? Are there reasons we can’t get the two platforms reasonably in sync, now that Apple had brought review time down to < 48 hours? Thanks again for a terrific platform.

Can we use the 3 sensors (gravity,light,proximity) in blynk cloud?

Also, GPS Streaming?


are they background working when close app?

More specifically you can now control devices without physically touching the smartphone.
Without any coding, or even Pin assignment, the proximity widget text changes from Far to Near when you get to within about 2 inches of the sensor. Same with the light sensor changing form around 0lx to > 2500lx in the sun.

Bit difficult to work out what to do with the gravity and accelerometer widgets without knowing the structure for the x, y, z axis. The GPS has never worked in the bespoke firmware I have on my Samsung S3 and my wife’s phone, that does have GPS, has no spare RAM.

Thanks! this is what i was looking for.
Beside the item shown in the picture i can now even use my Barometer (Galaxy S6),
What im missing right now is a simple input field like the ValueDisplay.
for now i will use a combination of 2 buttons with a value display to increase and decrease a value for my Tenp settings at home. ( i assume there is a simple way but haven’t found a quick one)

thanks again

Nice new features!

I tired the light sensor with Node-red.

It was continiously updated in Node-red.

Is there a way to restrict updates to say once in every 5 minutes? (User adjustable obviously :slight_smile: )

Also, it seems that when Blynk is not in view, this does no longer send data. Would love to see the data even when Blynk is not in view :slight_smile:

This is essential in areas where bandwidth is at a premium :confused:


Looking forward to see IOS version. Please

Dear all, this is first version of widgets. As usual we will grab all your feedback and do new releases with fixes/improvements. Widgets documentation is on it’s way. Probably today it will be finished. Stay tuned. Have any ideas, proposals? Just post them here. We read everything :wink:

Very good first versions :slight_smile:

These functions opens lots of new possibilities!

Gravitational array -41.21 : 11.37 : 77.21
Gravitational array -51.69 : 3.78 : 71.44
Gravitational array -44.33 : 6.54 : 76.04
Gravitational array -30.14 : -1.25 : 82.95
Gravitational array -13.22 : -0.78 : 87.26
Gravitational array -6.64 : 2.47 : 87.98
Gravitational array 7.84 : -3.89 : 87.82
Gravitational array 14.44 : 3.41 : 87.00
Gravitational array 14.16 : 4.39 : 87.01
Gravitational array 11.41 : 7.76 : 87.18
Gravitational array 8.09 : 10.83 : 87.22
Gravitational array 2.21 : 13.73 : 87.16
Gravitational array 2.20 : 14.32 : 87.06
Gravitational array 4.48 : 13.46 : 87.11
Gravitational array 6.12 : 12.92 : 87.10
Gravitational array 7.49 : 11.42 : 87.20
Gravitational array 8.28 : 11.06 : 87.17
Gravitational array 8.32 : 11.19 : 87.15
Gravitational array 8.33 : 11.46 : 87.11
Gravitational array 7.96 : 11.75 : 87.11
Gravitational array 7.77 : 11.69 : 87.14
Gravitational array 7.46 : 12.08 : 87.11

Looks to be something like the following for gravity and accelerometer sensors:

  float x = param[0].asFloat(); 
  float y = param[1].asFloat(); 
  float z = param[2].asFloat();
  Serial.print("Gravitational array ");
  Serial.print(90 * (x /10));
  Serial.print(" : ");
  Serial.print(90 * (y / 10));
  Serial.print(" : ");
  Serial.println(90 * (z / 10));

Looks like a “new” version 1.16.4 was pushed to Google Play today.

Basic documentation is now available with the sensor widgets.

Think I need to study the m/s sq in relation to gravitational force applied to x, y and z axis.

GPS Stream example at

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0.3.10 is this the latest library to access the new features @Dmitriy