New Android release 1.15.3

What’s new :

  1. Bluetooth widget added (hc-05, hc-06, etc). Sketch.
  2. LCD bug fix with no first line on start;
  3. Graph hangs on high request rate fix;
  4. Fixed wrong titles for labeled value displays;
  5. Table columns settings not stored fixed;
  6. Slider sends duplicate values with “On Release” mode fix;
  7. Some fixes for shared access;

The sketch of the HC-06 is not available (error 404), I would like this sketch to test this new type of connection.

@RPinheirooo Fixed

Thank @Dmitriy, I’ll test it!

Hello, I did not get successful connection using the HC-06, apparently everything is properly connected including blynk does not display the message of connection error, could not perform a simple test to connect a button. some help?