New Android Release 1.15.0

What’s new :

  1. Added new widget Table.

  2. Fixed daylight saving issue for RTC and TimeInput (You need to remove and add widget to make it work);

  3. Music Player widget now can change state via setProperty.


@Dmitriy 2. Remove and add back just TimeInput widget or also RTC, or just RTC?

@Costas both. Just to be sure.

@Dmitriy please confirm the Blynk cloud server has all the updates.

Confirming :). Servers are up to date.

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Dear Dmitriy, do we have to update the arduino blynk library as well? I have/use 0.3.8 and I can not find newer release…


@mikekgr no. 0.3.8 should be fine. new library release is not yet ready, however it will be released soon too.

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Any news on the bouncing ball issue when resuming the app?

I still have that issue (also with new release). I open the app, it connects perfectly. I put it in background and open it later and the bouncing balls go on and on. When I close the app and open again it reconnects almost immediately.

Hello. Are you able yo ping our server?

You nay try local server. If issue still exists this is 100% wiring/hardware problem. You can also try to downgrade library and check if that helps. Creating separate topic, adding your sketch and wiring also may help :).

Currently I have no local server, and not changing any sketch or wiring since it works yesterday…
Ok I will create new topics on this …

Best regards & thanks

Is issue still reproducible right now?

When can we expect iOS release for tables?

I’ve try to compile the example AdvancedTimeInput.ino but i give this error: “‘TimeInputParam’ was not declared in this scope” maybe I must wait the new library?

Yes. Or you can take latest directly from gtihub repo.

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