New Android Release 1.11.3

Hi all. What’s new :

  • Added login via Facebook (for Blynk Cloud, for Local Servers it is a bit tricky + will not work if you have no internet connection for server);
  • History graph data erasing issue fixed;
  • Added support for new boards Arduino MKR100, Arduino 101, Particle Electron, Arduino Zero, Microduino-*, Seeed-Wio-Link;
  • Virtual pins number extended to 128 for powerful boards;
  • Project count limit increased to 50 projects!

As usual update for iOS will come in 1-2 weeks after Apple review.

BLE on it’s way!


Um, how do I access the new virtual pins on existing project?

Or do I have to rebuild from scratch?

And thanks for fixing font size!

You should see extended list in pin selection. Don’t you see them? What selected board do you have?

You are welcome :wink:

Don’t see them, still all full…

Arduino mega is selected as my board…

yes… same problem for me…
I’ve a Genuino Mega 2560 but I see the same 31 VPIN.

In addition I’ve a new problem! I lost the ON visualization of the LED… all the LED are OFF.

128 Virtual Pins for some boards! suggests you need the new library in addition to the App update.

Oops, our bug. Fixing.

@Costas yeap, you need latest library (we will release new version in few hours as for ESP it may not work right now).

@Dave1829 fix will be in store in 1 hour with all 128 pins.

@naamah75 checking…

Thank you! Working!

There’s now lots of vpins and so many more possibilities!!!

Thanks… 128 pin are welcome on my projects!